Calling In Pleasure

Pleasure is a birthright, a wellness practice, and a somatic experience.
TAnntra is the space where pleasure can be understood and expressed. Access to pleasure can be complicated by conflict, which arises in relationships with others and with our Selves. Mediation is ideal for co-creating a way forward for two or more participants. Exploration of one's Self focuses on an individual journey towards alignment.
No matter what offering speaks to you, may TAnntra support you in unclouding communication and clearing conflict to call in your pleasure.

Tantra-Informed Mediation 

Healthy conflict resolution invites pleasure by addressing the needs of all involved. Meet the registered facilitator incorporating tantric techniques into the traditional mediation process.


Together for Pleasure

Talks about tantra, workshops on conflict resolution, certification in Authentic Consent®, and more. Explore events designed to bring it all and us all together for pleasure.


Space for Your Self

TAnntra provides the space, you provide the expertise. Enhance communication with your Self through one-on-one sessions with a pleasure professional.