Self Exploration Support

Your Self is the energetic sum of all your experiences. Exploration of and communication with your Self is important for healing, holistic wellness, and liberation, but it is not widely encouraged in societies that thrive off oppression. It can be difficult to know, listen to, or express your Self as a result.

Tashé Ann of TAnntra offers Self Exploration Support through a variety of tantric and somatic approaches and an expansive definition of pleasure. Resources from an Authentic Consent® facilitator, sex doula, sex educator, conflict resolution specialist, and EroSomatic Touch practitioner are available to you. Sessions are co-created to speak to your pursuit of pleasure.

E-mail to schedule your free 15-minute Self Exploration Support Consultation.

Clients are accepted based on capacity and alignment. Referrals to alternate practitioners may be offered to ensure that you receive the time and attention you deserve.