Tashé Ann

Mediator Consultant

Pleasure Professional

Welcome and gratitude!

This opportunity to share my practice of tantra with you warms my spirit. When read together the seed sounds "tan" and "tra" mean "a tool with which to weave." At TAnntra decolonized, trauma-informed non-violent communication and embodiment exercises are among the tools I use with clients or participants as we become interwoven, interactive, engaged, connected, supported, and held in pleasure (Tashé Ann).

Those tools are both time-served and ever-evolving. My work is informed by my years of experience in alternative dispute resolution as a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. My journey expanded my practice of holding space into TAnntra Talks, Prime Pleasure Time, and other community events. With intensive, extensive, and ongoing training I guide others in what I lovingly consider as an inward-facing mediation during Self Exploration Support sessions, and I pass on all these tools that were gifted to me when training Authentic Consent® facilitators.

I chose to pursue certification through the Atlanta Institute of Tantra in order to be intentional about addressing aspects of my Self that are undervalued elsewhere; I am - among other identities - a Black, genderous, bibliophilic dakini. I now resource others as they intentionally tend to their Selves. The Institute has certified me as an EroSomatic Touch Practitioner, an Authentic Consent® Facilitator, and a Sex Doula. I am a member of the American Association of Somatic Sexology and the TAnntra community.