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Somatic is a bit of a buzzword, particularly in the health and wellness community at this time, but what does it really mean? Somatics takes us into the mindbody to explore the deepest wisdom we hold. We engage in and enhance this exploration through practices that consciously connect the knowing body.

Somatic Curiosity is a space within the TAnntra Talks series held by Tashé Ann for one hour via Zoom. We will acquaint our Selves with the concept of the soma and quite literally move through introductory somatic practices that lay a foundation for a mindful pursuit of pleasure. This virtual gathering is free and open to everyone in community. Anyone interested in participating or witnessing can share their e-mail to receive the Zoom login information as well as updates.

See y'all at 7 P.M. (1900) EST on Thursday, May 16, 2024!

Authentic Consent® is a model of embodiment within a larger culture of consent. It is learned, lived, and led by facilitators. Certification courses for new Authentic Consent® Facilitators will be offered beginning late Summer 2024.

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