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Authentic Consent® is a model of embodiment within a larger culture of consent. It is learned, lived, and led by facilitators. A certification course for new Authentic Consent® Facilitators will be offered at this year's Sex Down South conference! An interest meeting will be held on Friday, June 28, 2024 at 7 P.M. (1900) EST.

Visit this link for more information and to register today!

What we sense in any shared space shapes or changes the underlying relationships. Virtual communication does not decrease our somatic responses, but it may affect how we perceive them. Avoidance and misinterpretation can be more commonplace during remote interactions – and can erode our meaningful connections, such as friendships.

Conscious Group Chats is a space within the TAnntra Talks series held by Tashé Ann for one hour via Zoom. We will consider the impact of body awareness when we are not engaging in-person and how it can be a tool for maintaining that group chat. This virtual gathering is free and open to everyone in community. Anyone interested in participating or witnessing can share their e-mail to receive the Zoom login information as well as updates.

See y'all at 7 P.M. (1900) EST on Thursday, July 18, 2024!

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