Tantra-Informed Mediation™ 

Conflict is natural but when left unattended can impede the pursuit of pleasure. Mediation is an informal and flexible process in which an impartial facilitator - the mediator - assists participants in exploring options for a voluntary, negotiated outcome of a dispute. The process guided by the mediator empowers parties to a conflict to effectively communicate and co-create their way forward. Anyone can use mediation, from friends and relatives to governments and corporations.

Tashé Ann of TAnntra is a registered mediator who guides participants both through the process and back to their knowing bodies. Participants are invited to tantric exercises like pranayama, individually or all together, to center choice and voice for all involved. When parties are communicating with somatic awareness then satisfaction with the process and the agreements reached, or pleasure, deepens by occurring throughout all aspects of the soma. Tantra-Informed Mediation clears conflict with a process that prioritizes embodied consent and can lessen the chance of the conflict re-emerging.

E-mail TasheAnn@TAnntra.com to schedule your mediation. Rates are negotiable.

Mediation can trigger anxiety and stress. Conflict is at its core and is unavoidable. Tashé Ann prepares mediation participants to handle those responses through experiential learning and somatic practices. E-mail to schedule a free 15-minute Mediation Preparation Consultation.